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If my final definition is going to avoid the temptation to mislead and simply refer to the legal process, then I should choose a GAINING synonym that’s in keeping with legal jargon.

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The hollow blocks are widely used in masonry as it reduces the construction time and require less cement, steel which saves money.

Analysis indicated a significant interaction between fixed effects of Country and Time for support for a plastic bag charge , where changes over time in bag charge support varied between countries.

Having structured, high-waisted pants makes you feel sort of hugged right, or supported in some way.

Background: Supraclavicular , infraclavicular , and axillary brachial plexus nerve blocks are used for the upper extremity.

All it needs is a nice way to place 8mm into EA and it could be a cracking clue.

By the same token, people who get monotonous in their branding — the consumer eventually looks for other things, Fireman said.

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University of Sydney economist Rebecca Taylor started studying bag regulations because it seemed as though every time she moved for a new job — from Washington, D.

Separates Scarf Scooter Shape wear Shawl Sharrara Sheath Shellsuit Shervani Shift Dress Shinos Shirt Shorts Shrug Singlet Slip Ski Pants Skimmer pants Skirt Skirtini Sheath dress Shift dress Shirred waist Shirtwaist dress Short shorts

pieces of clothing such as skirts , trousers , and shirts that you can wear together in different combinations

After Adele got famous, Evans sold a story about her to the Sun newspaper.

A de-emphasis on clothing can also save money, as there will be less pressure to keep up with expensive trends.

Apart from the physical benefits, SilverSneakers Yoga helps alleviate stress and increases relaxation.

We know that tacit knowledge is a powerful driver of innovation, but as long as it remains tacit, it has the potential to be forgotten.

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