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Smeets E, Tiggemann M, Kemps E: Body checking induces an attentional bias for body-related cues.

You may already have some ideas for a fashion brand name.

As you move along, some other highlights you'll see are the Keds Champion model from 1917, the Converse Gripper representing the late '40s, early '50s and the Adidas Micropacer from 1984.

An article by Forbes notes the purchase price is in stark contrast to the revenues and earnings of the company.

In factories with a high level of automation, information about the garment being made can be transmitted to computers aiding in the layout of pattern pieces on cloth and to cutting and sewing machines that can be programmed to perform the required functions.

Spanish fluency strips are a useful, easy-to-make activity for beginning readers.

By law they are required to list the percentage of each fiber contained in the materials.

The severity of these recurrences of the disease was mild in most of the cases and the presentations were usually incomplete.

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With this exposure, rebellious women began to practice various forms of immodesty, and this swimsuit was one of

What Is Fast Fashion, Anyway?Accessed March 31, 2021.

Elliott R, Elliott C: Idealized images of the male body in advertising: a reader-response exploration.

The obnoxious articles were carefully folded up and taken to the officer of the guard, who, when I left the box, at the end of the opera, brought them to me and offered to assist me in putting them on; but I refused them with true cavalier-like loftiness, and entered my carriage without either hat or cloak.

No person who has been elected Governor for two successive terms, including an unexpired term, shall again be eligible for that office until the third Tuesday in January of the fourth year following the expiration of the second successive term.

I got really famous right as Amy Winehouse died, she says.

Contextual Safeguarding Network from the University of Bedfordshire

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